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GC Sharada Kosher For Pushover of Jlor
Cream male   National Color winner, 1989

GC Sharada Razzle Dazzle of Jlor
"Razzle Dazzle"
White Female  Regional Color winner

GC Sharada She's Got Angel Eyes of Sno
White Female  Finalled as an open, granded in 2 shows

CH Pajean's Jackson Square of Sharada
Cream/Wht Van Male   Grand Pointed

*Camera Shy*

  GC Charlee's Spend A Buck of Sharada
Blue  Male

  GC Kitty Charm King O Diamond of Jovan
White  Male

CH Harwood Bethany of Sharada
Cream  Female

GC Sharada Chia of Babuschka
Blue  Cream  Female
 International  Winner  10th Best Cat



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